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The 60th anniversary is the Diamond Wedding Anniversary, so named because of Queen Victoria. When she had been on the British throne for 60 years she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and ever more the 60th anniversary became known as the Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Diamond is a fitting symbol coming from the Greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable and enduring. Legend has it that the fire in the diamond is the constant flame of love. The contemporary and modern gifts for 60th anniversary celebrations are diamonds and the 60th anniversary colour is diamond white. Although there are no flowers associated with 60th anniversaries there are many spectacular white flowers available – roses, lilies, orchids, and daisies to name a few.

Plan a 60th anniversary celebration as grand as the event itself. Magical events are created onboard our Toronto dinner cruises. With a variety of spectacular luxury yachts to choose from, your 60th anniversary cruise will be filled with the love of your family and friends. If you are hosting the event for your parents we have some fabulous 60th anniversary ideas for you. We can arrange for a breathtaking diamond décor, special menus, and dazzling special effects like a skywriter. We sail from April 1st to December 31st and can host groups of up to 600 people. Every detail of your 60th anniversary cruise can be taken care of by professional event planners, giving you total peace of mind. Come aboard and enjoy the festivities. 

Gifts for 60th anniversaries should be thoughtful. Memorable 60th anniversary ideas are special congratulatory letters from the Queen of England, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the Governor General of Canada.  Contact your local MPP and he/she will make all of the necessary arrangements. Other great 60th anniversary gifts include a photo album with 60 years worth of memories, a 60th anniversary time capsule, and professional photography to commemorate the special occasion.

Contact us today to reserve the date for a spectacular 60th anniversary cruise.
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Aurora Borealis Stella Borealis
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