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Green Wedding Themes


Creating a green wedding theme is simpler than you would imagine. Green wedding décor items and green wedding decorations are readily available at mainstream retailers and do not cost any more than items that are potentially harmful to the environment. Choosing a green wedding theme is the socially responsible thing to do and will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

What is a green wedding theme? It means that as many elements of your décor as possible are reusable, recyclable, organic, and/or fair trade. Here are some ways to implement a green wedding theme.

  • Ensure that the green wedding decorations that you use at your ceremony can be repurposed at your reception.
  • Decorate with bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.
  • Candlelight is energy efficient and romantic – choose candles made of a renewable source such as beeswax or soy instead of paraffin.
  • Avoid using paper products as much as possible – when necessary, use recycled paper.
  • Instead of regular confetti, use biodegradable confetti or organic flower petals.
  • Avoid using balloons – they will end up in the landfill.
  • Use natural green wedding decorations when ever possible – potted plants, branches, leaves, berries, and grasses.
  • Donate flowers and plants to a hospital or nursing home after the wedding is over.

Brown and green is the ideal colour scheme for a green wedding theme. It gives you free reign to use as much natural greenery as possible. Both earth tones and complementary colours, brown and green wedding décor items are plentiful and easy to incorporate into any style of wedding. You can make a difference. Lessen the carbon footprint of your event by incorporating a green wedding theme.

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