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Green Wedding Flowers


The term green wedding flowers refers to locally grown, in-season, organic, or wild flowers. Opting for green wedding flowers reduces the harmful emissions that transportation over long distances creates. In addition, many flower producing developing nations use excessive amounts of pesticides and do not subscribe to fair trade practices.

The earthiness of a brown and green wedding colour scheme aboard ship is very complementary to the lush surroundings of the islands and inlets along the cruise route. Each décor element inside the vessel coordinates with the natural elements outdoors in perfect harmony. The natural beauty and green wedding flowers together enhance the overall wedding theme.

Give free reign to your creativity when selecting the individual floral elements and be open to the possibilities of selecting reusables instead of fresh flowers.

Green Wedding Bouquets: Locally grown, in-season, organic, or wild flowers are the optimum. Consider adding other natural elements such as grasses, ferns, branches, or berries for increased visual interest. Silk flowers also fall into the category of green wedding bouquets as they are reusable. They are an attractive option for members of the bridal party as is the idea of forgoing flowers all together in favour of a decorative purse.

Green Wedding Centrepieces: Centrepieces and green wedding bouquets can be coordinated or complementary. In addition to fresh cut flowers, potted plants and organic fruits and vegetables can be fashioned into striking centrepieces. Silk flowers, candles, or miniature wedding cakes are great alternatives to natural elements.

Green Floral Décor: If you are using fresh flowers and/or potted plants, utilize the same flowers for both the ceremony and the reception. After the wedding, donate them to a hospital, nursing home, or seniors’ residence and let others enjoy their beauty.

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