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Green Jewelry


What is green jewelry? Green jewelry does not refer to the colour of gems. It is jewelry produced in a manner that does not cause harm to the environment or to people.

What are some examples of green jewelry? Jewelry made of recycled gold and silver is a prime example of green jewelry because recycling eliminates the need to mine. The same holds true for vintage jewelry. If you are purchasing jewelry made from new precious metals and gemstones, ensure that they come from ethical mines.

What are ethical mines? Green jewelry is always produced responsibly from materials in mines that take into account the health and safety of mine workers and that the profits of the sales are not funding weapons in third world countries.

Are there jewelers that specialize in green jewelry? Absolutely. If you are purchasing a gemstone ask the jeweler where it came from and if he has documentation to support that claim.

Are there socially responsible alternatives to diamonds? Yes. There are excellent alternatives to diamonds that would qualify as green jewelry – earth friendly and conflict-free.

  • D.NEA Diamonds – These are lab created diamonds, physically, chemically, and optically identical to earth grown, mined natural diamonds.
  • Moissanite – Although moissanite, silicon carbide, does occur in nature, unfortunately it is very rare. Moissanite can be manufactured in a lab through a patented thermal growth process and is entirely environmentally friendly.

Green jewelry has great appeal to socially responsible couples. A current trend is to forego the engagement ring altogether and to purchase wedding bands only which are available in the ultimate earth friendly material - wood. Click here for a jeweler who works only with conflict-free diamonds, responsibly mined gems, and recycled precious metals.

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